building the next generation creative economy

For us, Web 3 is as much an ideology as it is a set of technologies. And we want to work towards designing the new internet that is in practice Open, Decentralised and Composable. With SOTA Labs, we envision a new future of creative work using DAOs that allow creators, builders, and users to have equal ownership and benefits as investors and companies.

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Questions we are exploring through a DAO framework.

1. How can we change the ownership and organisational structures of traditional creative industries?
2. How can we divide creative decision-making across all stakeholders equally instead of so many gatekeepers?
3. How do we built teams where creatives and designers participate in projects they are good at and excited about rather than be forced to work on them?
4. How can we build new governance models that allow for democratic decisions instead of top-down orders based on power and not capability?


Building Creative Economy 3.0

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